Manavgat River in Turkey

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Manavgat River  : Manavgat River originates on the eastern slopes of Western Taurus Mountains in Turkey, and flows south over conglomerated strata for about 90 km, then over the Manavgat Waterfall and though the coastal plain and into the Mediterranean Sea. There are many caves in the river watershed area, the most interesting being the Altınbeşik cave.
The maximum flow of the Manavgat River is 500 m³/second, with an average of 147 m³/second. Using the average flow as a measure, the Manavgat River accounts for a very small amount of the water flowing into the Mediterranean. There are two dams over the river: Oymapınar Dam and the Manavgat Dam. Studies have shown that water drains into the Manavgat River basin from its surface watershed and also from endorheic basins, especially those to the east of the river.
In 1992, the Turkish State Hydraulics Work (DSI) was given the job of developing a water supply project for domestic use from the Manavgat river.

The River Manavgat flows 90 km from the eastern slopes of the western Toros (Taurus) mountains, passes over hard conglomerated strata, forms the Manavgat Falls and then enters the coastal plain to empty into the Mediterranean Sea.
In the spring, the Manavgat runs full and clear, added to by underground springs in the canyons it passes through, until the river's force is interrupted by the Oymapinar Dam.The upper reaches of the Manavgat can be reached by taking the Manavgat-Alanya highway to the east and turning north towards Akseki, 10 km after passing the town of Manavgat. Four kilometres before Akseki, turn off towards Ibradi to reach the Sahap bridge, the starting point for river sports.The area around Manavgat has rich natural surroundings. Among the many caves in the area, the most interesting is the Altinbesik cave. Annual explorations have extended the known part of this cave to 2200 m, and it contains fascinating lakes, stalactites and stalagmites. The area is excellent for mountain biking, trekking and paragliding in the area of Irbadi and Ormana, which also hosts a large population of wild goat, wild boar, rabbit, red legged partridge and many other birds.

Course :
Selecting a starting point in the Manavgat is determined by the level and velocity of the water. Under favourable conditions, the start can be made near Sahap bridge near Ibradi. River sports on the Manavgat are dangerous for novices, and all participants should be accompanied by professionals and a local guide. The best place for rafting and canoeing on the Manavgat is on the 19 km stretch between Sahap bridge and the village of Sevinc, where the river cuts steep, sometimes impenetrable gorges through the canyons.
1st Canyon: The river flows swiftly through the first canyon, situated between Sahap bridge and Altinbesik cave, enlarged by an underground spring 500 m before the canyon. Paddling here is a memorable adventure, but those who do not wish to enter the second canyon may disembark near the cave. From there, a path leads to the village of Urunlu in the west and to Mentesbey in the east.
2nd Canyon: The second canyon is accessible from Altinbesik Cave. Banked by impregnable cliffs, it stretches to the village of Sinanhoca. At the end of the canyon, the riverbed widens, providing a rest area and disembarkation point. The falls prior to Sinanhoca, located towards the end of the second canyon, are very dangerous, flowing underneath and on both sides of a huge boulder. Boats must be carried at this point.
3rd Canyon: The third canyon begins after Sinanhoca, where the river passes through several falls before it exits the canyon near Sevinc, completing the trip down the Manavgat.
This course runs through three canyons and involves passing through smaller and bigger class 3-4-5 waterfalls. As soon as the sound of the falls is heard, the group must stop ashore to determine the best passage. When passage is impossible, canoes should be carried on shore or guided by rope, resuming the course after skipping the dangerous part.
The river slows down between the falls, giving an opportunity to enjoy the unspoilt surroundings. When travelling through the canyons, there are points when it is impossible to see the sun, even at noon. If the water level is too low for canoeing in the vicinity of Sahap bridge, gear can be carried to the area around Altinbesik cave via Urunlu, and the course resumed from there.

What to See :
Altınbeşik Cave, Oymapınar Water Dam, historical remains, ruines, mountain villages, deep and green canyons, untouched nature

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